Welcome to the free flowing rant

I’m not sure how often I’ll be updating this.  I’m not sure who’ll read this, or if anyone will.  But here’s the thing.  Got lots of crap on my mind to write/vent about.  Facebook’s not an option because I have no interest in having to argue with people and having my phone blow up with notifications.  Plus, I’m sure there’ll be bitingly sarcastic posts here.  

So I decided to create this rather boring looking blog.  Where I speak about whatever’s on my mind.  That includes the insipidly stupid habit of people taking selfies in the car and posting them on Facebook.  Put your frigging phone down and pay attention to the road.  What’s even dumber are these fake, la ti da, happy family selfies around a phone of people on their way to the beach.  Yes, you mooks, announce your family is all going to the beach, and your house is ripe for robbery.

Another reason why I hate those photos?  Because everyone does them.  You see, even though Facebook is supposed to be about individuals, there’s very much a sheeple mentality.  If one person does something, everyone else has to do it also.  Trash like “Lay out by the pool?  I think yes!”  Of course you think yes you dingbat, you posted it!

People can be so stupid and self absorbed.  Just like the idiots whining and moaning about the Supreme Court decision saying companies can refuse to pay for birth control on religious grounds.  Guess what?  No one’s telling you that you can’t have your contraceptives.  They’re just saying that IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to pay for them.  Personal responsibility?  What’s that?  We live in a world where government thinks it can force people to buy healthcare.  So why would anyone think they should have to pay for their own birth control?  That’s shocking.

As James Traficant once said “Beam me up, Mr. Speaker.  These people need to read the Constitution, not just admire it in a museum.”  Well, that concludes this rant.  If you’ve bothered to read, thanks.


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