Scared of guns? Or scared of people….

Guns.  The very word strikes fear into the hearts of liberals and some milquetoast Republicans. They’re evil, they’re dangerous, they must be regulated.  If it were up to some people, they’d be registered.  Those evil guns are responsible for Sandy Hook and other mass shootings.  Not the people pulling the trigger.

Congress “hasn’t done enough” to stop it.  At least that was the claim of one of the dad’s who’s kid died in Santa Barbra, California.  I guess Congress also needs to ban knives given how the killer also stabbed three people?  But let’s not talk about that.

What’s even funnier is how some companies have bent over and grabbed their ankles faced with pressure from anti-gun groups.  Some dingbat group of liberals called “Mom’s for gun sense” or some other stupid name has been lobbying businesses to ban guns from their premises.

Some have obliged.  Sonic and Chili’s, and now Target.  The interim CEO said guns went against their “family friendly atmosphere.”  Say what?  Announcing that no one in your store is going to be armed, making an easy target for robbers is family friendly?  

What irritates me more is this mindset that people exercising their rights is bad and scary.  That you have to be a policeman or military to carry a gun in public.  When there’ve been cops and military who’ve shot people without cause.  Anyone can slip through the cracks.  You can’t protect the world from itself.  No law can stop all evil.

And as long as weak-kneed clown CEO’s and others continue to give in to dingbat groups like this, evil will have a grip in the world.


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