Random observations on the stupidity of people….

Told you I may go long periods of time without updating.  That is if anyone’s actually reading this hot mess.  Anywho, in one of those moods.  So, time to start ranting.

What is the deal with people who won’t use turn signals?  I mean, seriously, what gives?  Just today I was driving behind this truck, going slow.  He suddenly hits the breaks, pulls over to the right to go to a service station.  No turn signal.  I saw some mook on the Interstate cut two lanes over without using a turn signal recently.  It’s not that hard people.

Even though I have a Twitter account, don’t do the hashtag thing very much.  Never seen a need.  One of the worst things Facebook ever did was to start allowing people to use the infernal things on there.  I’ve seen one woman use a hashtag for her baby.  Really?  Back away from the phone if you feel the need to hashtag your own baby.

Speaking of which, what would some people do for attention on Facebook if they didn’t have kids to post picture after picture of.  Sometimes, the pictures don’t even belong there.  What’s even worse are the idiots who “like” every picture, only feeding the vanity monster.  

If you want to tell me we shouldn’t give foreign aid to Israel, I agree.  I’m all in favor of getting rid of foreign aid, save money.  BUT: I’m tired of whiny, stupid liberals bemoaning the “poor” Palestinian people.  It’s not their land.  And if they want to cut down on civilian deaths, tell the idiots running Hamas to quit having people hide in military targets and using citizens for human shields.

I’m sorry James Brady died.  But the man’s no hero.  He and his ditz of a wife have spent years exploiting what happened to him to try and deny other people their rights.  You can’t legislate away evil, you can only prepare yourself to fight it should you be confronted by it.

And with that ::::fade to black::::