Bruce, err, Caitlyn Jenner, the newest left wing cause celeb.

I actually remembered I owned this thing.  Wow.  Anyway, since I’m here, might as well be my usual blunt self.  Before the “transformation,” Bruce Jenner was already a trainwreck.  He was in the trashpile that is the Kardashian clan, so that automatically qualifies as trainwreck.

But as if that wasn’t enough, now he/she/it has taken it to a new level.  By deciding that it is a woman.  Never mind what God made him, it thinks it’s a woman.  It introduced itself on the cover of Vanity Fair.

And because the country is full of soft-minded sheep led by a left-leaning media, social media posts (including some on my personal Facebook) have called it a “hero.”  President Obama congratulated it for “courage.”  And of course, ESPN will be giving it the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

For what?  Being more RuPaul than RuPaul?  For going against God’s will by saying He made a mistake when he made Jenner?  If it thought it was a female, why didn’t it come out when it won the decathlon?  It waited until now, when it knew the left had such a foothold in the world, and mush-brained people would call it a hero.

But it’s not a hero.  It’s a whatever, like Gonzo.  The thing is, Gonzo was actually made that way.  It Jenner decided it wanted to go against God’s will and is being trumpeted by people who thought Michael Sam was also a hero.


Random observations on the stupidity of people….

Told you I may go long periods of time without updating.  That is if anyone’s actually reading this hot mess.  Anywho, in one of those moods.  So, time to start ranting.

What is the deal with people who won’t use turn signals?  I mean, seriously, what gives?  Just today I was driving behind this truck, going slow.  He suddenly hits the breaks, pulls over to the right to go to a service station.  No turn signal.  I saw some mook on the Interstate cut two lanes over without using a turn signal recently.  It’s not that hard people.

Even though I have a Twitter account, don’t do the hashtag thing very much.  Never seen a need.  One of the worst things Facebook ever did was to start allowing people to use the infernal things on there.  I’ve seen one woman use a hashtag for her baby.  Really?  Back away from the phone if you feel the need to hashtag your own baby.

Speaking of which, what would some people do for attention on Facebook if they didn’t have kids to post picture after picture of.  Sometimes, the pictures don’t even belong there.  What’s even worse are the idiots who “like” every picture, only feeding the vanity monster.  

If you want to tell me we shouldn’t give foreign aid to Israel, I agree.  I’m all in favor of getting rid of foreign aid, save money.  BUT: I’m tired of whiny, stupid liberals bemoaning the “poor” Palestinian people.  It’s not their land.  And if they want to cut down on civilian deaths, tell the idiots running Hamas to quit having people hide in military targets and using citizens for human shields.

I’m sorry James Brady died.  But the man’s no hero.  He and his ditz of a wife have spent years exploiting what happened to him to try and deny other people their rights.  You can’t legislate away evil, you can only prepare yourself to fight it should you be confronted by it.

And with that ::::fade to black::::

Scared of guns? Or scared of people….

Guns.  The very word strikes fear into the hearts of liberals and some milquetoast Republicans. They’re evil, they’re dangerous, they must be regulated.  If it were up to some people, they’d be registered.  Those evil guns are responsible for Sandy Hook and other mass shootings.  Not the people pulling the trigger.

Congress “hasn’t done enough” to stop it.  At least that was the claim of one of the dad’s who’s kid died in Santa Barbra, California.  I guess Congress also needs to ban knives given how the killer also stabbed three people?  But let’s not talk about that.

What’s even funnier is how some companies have bent over and grabbed their ankles faced with pressure from anti-gun groups.  Some dingbat group of liberals called “Mom’s for gun sense” or some other stupid name has been lobbying businesses to ban guns from their premises.

Some have obliged.  Sonic and Chili’s, and now Target.  The interim CEO said guns went against their “family friendly atmosphere.”  Say what?  Announcing that no one in your store is going to be armed, making an easy target for robbers is family friendly?  

What irritates me more is this mindset that people exercising their rights is bad and scary.  That you have to be a policeman or military to carry a gun in public.  When there’ve been cops and military who’ve shot people without cause.  Anyone can slip through the cracks.  You can’t protect the world from itself.  No law can stop all evil.

And as long as weak-kneed clown CEO’s and others continue to give in to dingbat groups like this, evil will have a grip in the world.

Welcome to the free flowing rant

I’m not sure how often I’ll be updating this.  I’m not sure who’ll read this, or if anyone will.  But here’s the thing.  Got lots of crap on my mind to write/vent about.  Facebook’s not an option because I have no interest in having to argue with people and having my phone blow up with notifications.  Plus, I’m sure there’ll be bitingly sarcastic posts here.  

So I decided to create this rather boring looking blog.  Where I speak about whatever’s on my mind.  That includes the insipidly stupid habit of people taking selfies in the car and posting them on Facebook.  Put your frigging phone down and pay attention to the road.  What’s even dumber are these fake, la ti da, happy family selfies around a phone of people on their way to the beach.  Yes, you mooks, announce your family is all going to the beach, and your house is ripe for robbery.

Another reason why I hate those photos?  Because everyone does them.  You see, even though Facebook is supposed to be about individuals, there’s very much a sheeple mentality.  If one person does something, everyone else has to do it also.  Trash like “Lay out by the pool?  I think yes!”  Of course you think yes you dingbat, you posted it!

People can be so stupid and self absorbed.  Just like the idiots whining and moaning about the Supreme Court decision saying companies can refuse to pay for birth control on religious grounds.  Guess what?  No one’s telling you that you can’t have your contraceptives.  They’re just saying that IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to pay for them.  Personal responsibility?  What’s that?  We live in a world where government thinks it can force people to buy healthcare.  So why would anyone think they should have to pay for their own birth control?  That’s shocking.

As James Traficant once said “Beam me up, Mr. Speaker.  These people need to read the Constitution, not just admire it in a museum.”  Well, that concludes this rant.  If you’ve bothered to read, thanks.